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The Lil’ White Trailer Blog has evolved into Our Farmhouse Kitchen. Come on over to OurFarmhouseKitchen.com to keep following all the healthy country living and farm life happenings! See you there!

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Why I Drink My Coffee With Heavy Cream

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

We went shooting yesterday morning. 

Then we went to our local nursery to identify a shrub we have growing on our fence line. It turns out it’s Dodonoae Viscosa, the green leafed variety. Who knew?

We also got information about ordering our bare root fruit and nut trees for planting this winter. I’m so excited! We’re going to plant Granny Smith apples, pink lady apples, honey crisp apples, almonds, pistachios and pluots again. And then we’re going to add persimmons to the mix and a lemon tree we got as a gift from our realtor when we moved. I’m toying around with the idea of peach and apricot trees too, we’ll see how the layout works out and what we have room for.

Saturday night we got pizza at our favorite spot in town.

On the way home I had the boxes in my lap at a slight angle and Patrick’s generously topped meat lover’s pizza leaked grease all over my jeans. It was pretty hilarious. I will be putting the pizza on the floor in the future!

Now for the subject of this post:

Why I Drink My Coffee With Heavy Cream (and nothing else)

In my journey with food, one of the biggest hurdles I had to tackle that was also the most rewarding was my addiction to sugar. I drank most everything sweetened either naturally or artificially. This was causing my blood sugar to be perpetually high and then low, my appetite to be insatiable, and my weight to be stuck higher than I would have liked. I was also having ibs episodes regularly from both diet and stress. In my journey to a healthier diet, I learned just how harmful sugar was and I started to gradually reduce the added sugar in areas of my diet that were the easiest first. This meant watering down sweet lemonade, ordering coffee or tea with less sweetener than I would have normally until my taste buds adapted to the less sweet things I was drinking. 

Specifically, the biggest change for me was in my coffee. I drank coffee every day, usually full of a flavored sweetener, stevia, Splenda, etc. But now that I was reducing that sweetener, I had a new enjoyment for coffee. I could taste the finer flavors and started to drink for taste and not for that sugar and caffeine rush. I still was using milk, usually soy in my coffee and still found myself hungrier than I’d like after a cup of coffee with my breakfast. I then started to incorporate more fats into my diet. Organic heavy whipping cream was what I turned to after educating myself on the positive effects of fats. Yes, I’m talking about what you’d use to make whipped cream at home, not half and half. Heavy whipping cream is rich, it doesn’t take more than a half inch to an inch to make your coffee complete. Here are some major reasons to switch to heavy cream.


Reasons to put organic heavy whipping cream in your coffee 

  1. It’s fat which means it’s full of vitamins
  2. It’s fat, which means it is broken down slower than sugar and milk. This means you’ll be full longer. Say goodbye to the blood sugar roller coaster and eventually some weight too.
  3. It compliments the flavor or coffee, instead of masking it. For anyone trying to reduce sugar consumption, making the switch can help your taste buds along.
  4. A little goes a long way, a 1/2 inch is usually all I need in 16 oz. of coffee.
  5. It keeps well in the fridge. I buy a small carton each weekend that lasts me through the week and then some if I need it for mashed potatoes or baking.
  6. It’s cheaper than a latte at Starbucks to get drip coffee with heavy cream, or better yet, make it at home.

I hope this inspires any of you to give heavy cream a try. It really was a life changer for me. 

I hope you all have a great week!

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Crochet Throw Pillow

howdy everyone!

I’m just stopping in to post about the throw pillow I finally finished. It’s kind of a winter sweater motif I plan on putting out in the winter months. I’m thinking of doing a red knit pillow to go with it. What do you think?

The pattern is here. I found a slight issue with one of the rows if anyone makes this. My friend who’s a crochet master helped me solve the problem. Just leave a comment and I can assist!

Tomorrow’s Friday so happy weekend everyone!

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Labor Day Weekend

Howdy everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great long weekend. Last weekend we were out of town celebrating my best friend Elena’s wedding. It was such a wonderful celebratio. Elena was there when I met Patrick and it was at my bachelorette party that Elena met her new husband. It all came full circle last Sunday.  

I wish I had more pictures but I didn’t have my camera on me. I have to say another reason I didn’t take many was because the photographer was so great. I have to give a shout out to Aubree Lynn Photography. She and her assistant had every moment captured, I can’t wait to see all the pictures! If any of you are looking for a photographer in the greater San Diego area, check Aubree out! 

And back to the weekend, Friday night I went to a crossfit workout and came home to Patrick playing Rock Band. It was a fun night.  
We had biscuits earlier in the week for dinner so egg and cheese biscuits were breakfast this whole weekend, my favorite! 

  Sunday we took a little trip to Kennedy Mine in Jackson for a tour. Kennedy Mine was the deepest gold mine in the U.S. until it closed in 1942 because of the war. It was so interesting learning about the history of the mine and how the gold was mined. Ever since we moved, I’ve been wanting to check out the little tourist attractions in our little town and this was first on the list.   
The main shaft of the mine is over a mile deep with hundreds of miles of tunnels within it. 

This was the mine’s offices and had a beautiful view of Jackson Valley. Also, the flag has 31 stars commemorating California becoming the 31st state, which funny enoug happened two years after gold was discover in California.  


We’re off to enjoy the last day of the long weekend, I hope you all have a great one!

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Life Lately (8.22.15)


I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. We’ve been settling into our new home. Pictures are even on the walls! But I wanted to stop in and say hello.

We’ve really just been working and living life as normal the last couple weeks and it’s been so nice. We bought an island for our kitchen last weekend. I’m obsessed. It’s an antique that was repurposed with a zinc top which happens to be a reactive metal so the counter will change with use, very cool! 

The weekend before that, I went to a Paint Nite with some friends. We had so much fun! Wine and painting, how could that not be fun!?

I’ve also started doing crossfit at a local gym. I’ve only been three times so far but I’m loving it already. With that and bodypump once a week, I’m feeling great fitness wise.

Today we spent the first half of the day patching our neighborhood road with our neighbors. We started nice and early before it was hot and finished by lunch. Then we ran errands including picking up a brisket for dinner tomorrow from our local butcher. I’m so excited for brisket sandwiches!

Something I’m struggling to get a handle on with the new place is cleaning so much more square footage than we used to have. We went from 800 square feet to 2800. I’m liking the idea of each day of the week being designated for one small chore so I’m not cleaning for most of the day every Sunday. Do you guys have a plan that works for you? I’m all ears for how to keep on top of it. I’ve gotta implement a plan soon! 

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We Survived Escrow(s)!

Well I finally get to write the big whopper of a post about our move. The hubby and I had planned for a long time to build at our old property. We went over changing ideas and plans throughout the 5 years we lived there. From floor plans and pricing out permit costs, the location of the septic system and what trees we would have to remove once we built, we went over everything. And at the end of it we realized a couple of things: 1. property values were climbing, our place was worth quite a bit more than we bought it for, 2. We really wanted more usable land, and 3. We really liked the idea of moving into something ready to live in for our family plans.

At this point, we started talking about what we could sell for and be approved to buy for, and started meeting with realtors. We were seriously considering selling. 

Once we decided to list the house, we gave ourselves 1 month to get the place up to snuff. That’s what all the projects were for from February to March. We fixed every major issue with our house and painted it top to bottom. It was exhausting! But we were moving forward to accomplish our next step, selling!

Once we listed, we really were lucky in that the market had very low inventory and thus had lots of interest immediately in our place. We had a couple of offers in very quickly and came to an agreement with a buyer not even two weeks after listing.

So now we were on the search for a place to buy. We figured we wouldn’t rush it, if we ended up having to rent back or move to an apartment to wait for the perfect house to go on the market, that was ok. But we still scoured the market to make sure what we wanted wasn’t already out there. We did lots of driving to surrounding areas to narrow our search. We looked at two houses one weekend early on and really liked one of them, after looking at some others, we realized that one house was for us. When we went to place our offer, we found out we were the backup offer, someone moved faster than us. Mind you during this time, sellers were accepting cash offers before we could even schedule a showing, it was a mad house! But we figured if it was meant to be, the first buyer would fall through. Low and behold, they backed out! So now we were trying to close both houses within a day of each other. 

For perspective, we accepted the offer on our place on March 31st. Our first close date came and we found out our buyers needed to extend, their lender backed out. Long story short, this happened 3 times. We were holding our breath for a total of 4 months! Every time we’d get close to closing, our buyers would tell us their bank bailed. It was the most stressful time of our lives. But finally on July 21, we closed on selling our old place. On the next day, we closed on our dream home. That weekend we rented a u-haul and moved our things and Barry too. The end of each day that weekend called for one of these:

We did it! We moved into our dream home!

I’m planning on using a new blog domain as soon as the dust settles and the boxes are unpacked. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Have any of you had a real estate nightmare like ours? Did it end well? 

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Tonight we’re toasting to selling the lil’ white trailer. We’ve been working on this for quite some time now but I didn’t want to talk about it until we closed. 

I know, it’s the blog’s namesake. I’ll talk more about why we did it later. And the blog’s in for some changes too.

We’ll miss our first home and all the memories we made there dearly. But we’re so excited for what’s to come. Cheers to the next adventure!

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