It’s Spring Time!

er…rattlesnake season!!!

Patrick and I were doing some clean up of all the random things the old owners of our place left lying around. Sporadic pile after pile, it’s never ending, I swear! But this time it got really interesting when Patrick was greeted by a not so friendly reptile…and then another…and then 3 more!!!

Yes, that’s a total of 5 rattle snakes folks! Our boring old friday afternoon turned into quite the adrenaline rush! All in all, we were 5 for 5. Well Patrick did all the work, I watched from afar and put Autumn inside whenever we found a new snake. Boy was I thankful to have such an awesome and fearless cowboy for a fiance!

I’ve also been working on finishing the beds of my vegetable garden, as soon as it’s put together I’ll post pictures! For now, here’s some delightful photos of or rattlesnake hunting!

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