It’s been a while…

Hello everyone!

I started this blog a while back to tell the stories of my new life, but things got a little hectic and the blog fell off of my priority list. But I’m back! I’m excited to get back to blogging but in a little bit of a different direction. While I still want to post about my adventures, I’m also in the last semester of my nutrition degree and am eager to get talking about the subject.

I view nutrition from a “back to basics” approach with the belief that the closer to nature the better. I also value cooking at home, not only for the nutritional improvements that are inherent but for the culture that comes with being in the kitchen.

I’d like to be a resource to anyone wanting to talk food or nutrition so feel free to post questions and comments!

As a side note, I received a Blendtec Blender for Christmas and am so thrilled to be able to do so much with it. I have been making green smoothies for breakfast through my work weeks but have also tried salsa and guacamole that were delicious! Anyone have any Blendtec/Vitamix recipes they would recommend?

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