How to make the most of a three day weekend

We spent this weekend doing our typical weekend balance of chores homework and fun stuff too. But on Monday, we both had the day off and I thought to myself how nice it was to have that extra day to do what we didn’t get to do on Saturday and Sunday. Barry had the right idea as he munched on the grass we got after our recent rains. It was a sunny beautiful (3)

So what makes a three-day weekend, or any weekend for that matter, great?

-Get outside

Go for a walk or run, read a book outside, garden, etc. Getting outside and soaking up some sunshine really relaxes me. I really soak up the energy like a plant too!

muncha muncha

muncha muncha

-Get your sweat on

There is nothing like a good sweat to improve your mood and make the day a better one. This weekend, we spent some time moving our piled rocks on the property. All that heavy lifting gets us sweating but also knocks things off of the to-do list. Two birds with one stone! I always say that we don’t need to be a member of a crossfit gym because of the work we do on our property.

-Play with your pets if you’ve got ’em

Play time with Autumn and letting Barry out to enjoy the grass and sunshine lets us share the three-day weekend with them too. Another no-fail way to improve your mood.

-Sleep in and have a slow morning

Although I know I do better when my schedule is consistent, sometimes sleeping in is just what you needed. We’re pretty regular in our sleeping in on the weekends and always are slow to get going. It’s so nice to take the time to enjoy a hot breakfast and coffee instead of rushing out the door like we do the rest of the week.

-Work on a side project or accomplish something from the back burner

We all get busy and it’s easy to acquire a long list of stuff you’ve let go but extra days tacked onto the weekend are the perfect time to revisit a project that you’ve neglected. I know I started a bread machine cover that I need to revisit. For the next three day weekend hopefully!

Those are my major tips to make a weekend great, what are yours?

Here’s to going back to work rejuvenated everyone!

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