Spring in California

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week over here between school, working overtime and the 4 days of continuous rain we just got through. If you hadn’t heard, California has been in a drought and while we finally got some rain, it was so much all at once which on our property just means a muddy mess.

Just ask Barry, he’s not a fan of the springtime wet weather. We do our best to keep his pasture draining and soak up the standing water in his stall with pellets. Today the weather is cold and windy but all of this is a reminder that we’ve entered into spring in California. Just look at all the green!

And remembering that spring is here reminds me of all the projects we’ve been waiting to do. We need to finish scrubbing and painting the fence we finished last year.

The white fence is the test section we completed but to the left is the seemingly never ending stretch of new untainted fence. It wraps around both directions of the pasture.

And here’s a burn pile waiting to be burned. I’m seeing a bonfire day in our future.

With all there is to be done, I get excited seeing all my plants and trees come back to life. And knowing we’ll get an extra hour of daylight soon is promising!

Here are my mums coming back to life that I planted in fall.

And here’s one of my Pluot trees blooming! Hoping the bees get to those flowers amongst all this bad weather we’ve been having.

Hope you have a happy Sunday. I’m off to catch up on chores and grocery shop. Any meal prepping happening today? how bout spring projects you’re preparing for?

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