My Take On The Tropical Green Smoothie

My father is australian and growing up visiting Australia, I fell in love with passion fruit. Unfortunately, it’s not very common in the states. Not sure why, but it’s always been a pain in the but to find it frozen or canned let alone fresh. Funny enough, it grows like a weed in California, so it’s not that we can’t grow it here. But it’s in season this time of year and the other day in the ethnic produce section of my local grocery store, low and behold, FRESH PASSION FRUIT! I squealed a little bit and filled a small bag. I was a little shocked to find out the tag said $1.99 each and not per pound upon ringing them up. So I took several out of my bag. But a quick and tasty way to use the pulp of the passion fruit is in a smoothie!Image


I put 1 cup water into my Blendtec Blender, a banana, huge handful power greens, a manila mango, coconut oil and the magic ingredient, passion fruit pulp! Run on smoothie setting and presto! Breakfast for the morning! 


So if passion fruit is available in your grocery store, give it a try! It’s also great in yogurt and in desserts. I baked a soufflé once that was incredible! 


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