Early Graduation Gift and My Favorite Apps

Hey everyone, sorry for the lapse in posts. I really enjoyed my spring break from school and unplugged a little bit. Ironically though, I will be more plugged I’m than ever now. Last weekend hubby surprised me with an early graduation present, an iPad Air. We had talked about replacing my outdated 2008 MacBook for a long time. While it’s been a trooper. I’ve put it through the ringer and the laptop was getting worse and worse as it is incompatible with the newer operating system. I’m excited to use my new iPad to its full potential and am still figuring out the many perks of it. A big one was digital issues of my favorite magazines, it freed up space in my cabinet!

Here are a few of my favorite apps for everyday life, cooking and healthy living:
This is a standard apple app for lists and tasks. I’m someone who has to write everything down and constantly check for my highest priority tasks. The app is simple and straightforward with the ability to set alarms and location based reminders. I use it all day every day.
Another standard app but also indispensable. I have shared calendars with Patrick as well as private ones for school assignments. I put our scheduled meal plan in here. We both know what’s happening in each others schedules all the time. It eliminated our whiteboard calendar and the constant question of what’s for dinner.
Grocery IQ
If you are living with someone who also does the grocery shopping sometimes, this free app is fantastic. You can share lists for all different stores. If Patrick adds tortillas to the grocery list while I’m at work, they’ll be on the list when I go shopping after work. It’s really helped us not forget things and once again eliminated the need for a paper list.
This might be my favorite app. It isn’t free but totally worth it. I load all of my recipes in here and rate and categorize them accordingly. No more recipe box, this thing is for all you home cooks. It’s like the iTunes for recipes. Also when you’re at the store and want to double check a recipe, pull out your phone app that links to your account and there it is! We’ve done meal planning in store before grocery shopping with the help of this guy. Not recommended but sometimes necessary.
Also not free but I love the usability of it for viewing twitter. Twitter is how I keep up on all the blog posts, news and other fun stuff. I work all day without access to me phone or internet, it’s not allowed where I work, so at night, catching up with Tweetbot is my me-time that makes me feel like part of the world again.
While I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to lately, with school coming to a close, I’m excited to get back to it. I love rating books and seeing what’s recommended for me to read next.
Does this need an explanation? Surfing Pinterest on my iPad as opposed to me phone has been life changing. Dramatic much? But really, better, bigger pictures, it’s my drug these days. That and coffee. 🙂

How about you guys? Are there any super helpful apps you love that I should know about?

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One Response to Early Graduation Gift and My Favorite Apps

  1. Great tips and Congrats!

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