Graduation Day

On May 21st, I graduated from Sacramento City College with my A.S. in Nutrition. It’s been a long haul for me but I’m proud to say I am done. Thinking back over my educational journey and the constant question of “what’s next?,” I wanted to go over my choices and final decision to end my college education at this point.

First the day itself, I went into work early so I could come home and get ready. Lucky for me, the power was out at work and we got sent home early anyway. Then we drove into town for my ceremony, it was a windy evening but an exciting one. I always thought I’d be graduation with my bachelor’s degree one day and wasn’t planning on attending my graduation from Junior College but I’m glad I did it. It gave be pride and a feeling of completion. After the ceremony we went to The Porch in downtown Sacramento, a farm to fork restaurant specializing in southern food. The food was delicious and so were the mint juleps! I was also showered with flowers from my friends and family and even a growler of pink lady hard cider from a local brewer. I’m very spoiled! 






Now for the, “what’s next?” My whole pre college education I was pushed to do my best in school, GATE program, honors and advanced and ap classes. When I finally got to the four year college I was supposed to attend, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and therefore didn’t do very well. I didn’t have the motivation or the goals to be successful. In a strange turn of events, I ended up meeting my husband and leaving school to move north but with intention to go back to another campus to finish. At this time I had been a business major, hospitality and tourism management as well as a political science major. Clearly I hadn’t figured it out yet. After taking a year off to move north, get engaged and settle into a new home, I went back to a junior college. I took an intro to nutrition class and fell in love. I was finally excited about a subject. It came easily to me and I enjoyed it. After a long battle with food, I began to understand my digestive issues and how to control them. I knew now I wanted to major in nutrition and finish my A.S., but what I was going to do after that I still had to figure out. I began a job at Whole Foods Market that further fueled my fire for food and nutrition. My husband and I sat down and priced out what it would cost to finish my bachelor’s degree. The cost was great, too great. I couldn’t bear the thought of taking out loans without a lucrative career down the road to make up for the loans.

Deep down, I would love to go back and become a Registered Dietitian but the end goal in that track would be a career in dietetics and while that would be great, that’s not my end goal. I want to be a “mostly stay at home mom” as I’ve been calling it. I want to be as involved in my children’s lives as I can be. I want to use my education in nutrition to foster healthy lives and healthy relationships with food for my family. I want to run our little ranch and grow and raise our own food. And I just can’t earn back the cost of a higher education being a mom and rancher.

So that concludes my journey with school. And who knows maybe I’ll revisit the idea, but for now, my priorities are with my family.

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