A belated update

Things have been go go go here at home. I haven’t made enough time to blog about it all, but I’m back! We got back from San Luis Obispo yesterday. I had an exam to take for future promotional opportunities at work. Fingers crossed I did well. We’ve been keeping busy with our many projects and even got air conditioning! For any of you who have had a swamp cooler as your source of cool air in the hottest part of summer, you can relate to our rejoicing in air conditioning.

We spent a lot of time rewiring under the house for the new a/c and also our new living room set up that we bought over the holiday weekend. Here are some pictures, although it is a major work in progress still.

The pillows came with the couch and have two sides. I have one side showing on each sofa in these photos. I am definitely not crazy about them but plan to get new blank ones and sew covers that I like for them. I want to be able to swap them out for the seasons. And if I can put covers over the existing pillows, I will, but I’m thinking the fringe may be an issue.
Don’t mind the boxes and dirty carpet, more projects to be completed. We’re hoping to get the matching end table for the entertainment console later on. And that big speaker will be replaced with a much more low profile sound bar down the road. After putting darker furniture against our dingy white walls, I’m eager to get a warmer color to backdrop the living area.
This is my cherry tomato plant. You might say it looks a bit sad. You see, the deer munched through the fence to eat the front of it, which caused it to grow lopsided leaning backwards. Then when we ripped up part of the deck last weekend, it lost its support. But the plant is still producing like nobody’s business. I’m battling tomato worms now though. I had no idea they were moth larvae and we have tons of moths so I now have to keep an eye out for those buggers. But part of the deck is coming out. We’ll be repairing and re-staining and sealing as well as creating a more inviting pathway with landscaping and a small fence. We’re a long way off but the rot in the deck was getting so bad, it was time to redo it and we figured, why not improve it while we’re at it?

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  1. Diane Lynn says:

    I love the pillows!

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