Laid Back Labor Day Weekend


It’s my moms’s birthday today, Happy Birthday Mom! She’s celebrating in Southern California where my side of the family lives.

Patrick and I are taking it easy this weekend. It’s the first in a whole without any major plans. Today we ran errands and stocked up for another month of meals. College football season has begun and we’ll spend the rest if the night watching that and eating taco cupcakes! Fall is coming everyone!

I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been doing with the inside of the house. For those of you that don’t know, Patrick and I bought a 1980’s manufactured home for the land it’s on. We plan to tear the place down and for this reason, we’ve always focused on improving the property and not the house. Why put money into something if you won’t recoup it right? But that hasn’t stopped me from making small changes that make our house more of a home. I’ve only just recently gotten into the interior decor of our humble abode. With the big projects slowing down, we’re gaining more time to put into smaller projects. You saw the furniture a while back on here, that was a big deal! And I won’t be tearing carpet up or painting walls, but pictures help warm the place up too! IMG_0484.JPG
Here’s what I finally got together with my donkey picture from Gilroy! The calf was a gift from my old manager who is also an amazing photographer and the pig I found on etsy. Don’t mind the yellow stripes on the ceiling and the yucky curtains, it’s all temporary! 🙂

And here’s a project I started recently in embroidery that’s new to me.

I picked up a package of iron on transfers from Joann’s and will be using all 10 herbs on flour sack kitchen towels for our kitchen. I’m finding embroidery to be a great way to unwind at the end of the day while seeing yourself create something beautiful. I’m pretty wobbly right now but I figure after 10 of these I’ll be a pro! Thanks to my mother in law for loaning me some supplies and giving me tips! I’ve got plans to learn to crochet and sew a dress I bought a pattern for a while back but who knows when I’ll get to those.

Do any of you guys have any home projects going on lately? Or do you have a needle art or something similar you like to do to unwind?

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2 Responses to Laid Back Labor Day Weekend

  1. Diane Lynn says:

    Oh those photos are so special. You have a great eye for just the right thing! So good to have hobbies too. 🙂

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