Pushing Through the Afternoon Slump

This past week was a busy one. It’s been hot and our local fire is still blazing so the smoke is heavy outside.

But I wanted to share something that really helped me stay productive all week while still getting to enjoy my weekend. I usually let my house chores pile up and do them all on Sundays but that leaves me with less fun and relaxing time on my Sunday. I also have a bad habit of coming home from work exhausted and taking a cat nap. This halts my productivity and starts a vicious cycle of staying up to late and napping after work to make up for it. This last week it made a significant effort to push through my sleepiness in order to do a few house chores every night before starting dinner. The result was a much better sleep schedule and a freer weekend! It was glorious everyone!

I spent Friday night hanging out and eating sushi takeout. I said no to a night of games with friends for some me time to recharge. This was also a great decision! I went to bed early and woke up early for a run with the pup and started my weekend on a great note! My point is that when you hit that afternoon slump, take it as a signal to push through, do something productive that you may have been putting off or get moving. You’ll be happy to go to bed earlier good and tired and have more free time during your weekend!

We put up rain gutters this weekend. Not exciting but I got a great upper body workout installing them and hopefully our house will survive another rainy season. We didn’t have gutters before at all and the siding and trim is sure showing the moisture it’s absorbed over the years! I also got my orchard fertilized just in time for some final fall growth before winter sets in.

Saturday night to Sunday morning we actually got rain and that made for a cold Sunday. It was so nice to feel fall! Sweatshirts and hot coffee were a must! Here’s a not so pretty picture of a very yummy breakfast served on made at home Dave’s Killer Bread I made a while back and froze.

IMG_0530.JPGit wasn’t quite a Welsh rarebit since my tomato crop was low at the time but something close to it.

When my tomatoes have their final big crop, I’ll post my dad’s Welsh rarebit, so good!

Here’s the link to the bread recipe if you’re interested

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