Rainy Sunday

This weekend felt like fall! I know next week will be hot again but I’m loving the cool mornings and the bit of rain we got! It rained during the week and this Sunday also. For the big fire they’re getting a handle on, the rain is just what they needed.

Saturday we did more chores for winter. I scrubbed the back deck so we can reseal it next weekend and hubby worked on sealing up every crack and crevice of the outside of the house. Then we ran errands and enjoyed a nice dinner overlooking the river in Folsom, that’s when the sprinkles started!

Sunday was play day, Apple Hill! Apple hill is no secret in our area, it’s where you go to celebrate fall, pick apples, shop, and eat among so much more. The fall season isn’t complete without a trip. We lucked out because with the rain, most people stayed home. We were thrilled to have less crowds to battle. We started off with a big breakfast at home before heading out to Larsen Apple Barn where we scored 20 pounds of Honeycrisp apples for 20 dollars! We’ll eat some, cook with some and use a bunch for our Christmas baskets of goodies we make for family and friends.
Then we went to Goyette’s which is where we always pick our own. They only have 4 types but the trees are so mature and produce so well we always get great Granny Smiths. Our Granny Smith trees at home produced really well this year but we’re not quite to the point of self sufficiency yet. We picked a small supplement to our own apples, a 1/2 peck. Then our final stop was High Hill Ranch, the biggest and always most crowded. We ate lunch and get our usual Apple cider donuts. Crumb for him, sprinkles for me because sometimes I’m a child.
It was hard to get any food outdoor shots with the rain but here’s our parking spot in High Hill’s orchard.
If any of you haven’t gone Apple picking before, find a local farm and take the whole family, it’s a great way to celebrate the season!

Now we’re taking it easy and I’m working on learning crochet!

Hello from our neighbors! Baby’s not more than a few weeks old.

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