Dieting vs. A Healthy Lifestyle

Almost every day I here someone talking about how they need to go back on their diet or how they overindulged all weekend and will now drink nothing but green juice for the week. I cringe every time I hear this. To think that so many people are still shackled by the feeling of needing to diet and beating themselves up over every seemingly “unhealthy” eating decision, is upsetting. It’s upsetting because I’ve been there. There was a time when I weighed myself every day, and ate Splenda laden treats trying to indulge without eating extra calories. I even did prescription diet pills. Now I certainly wasn’t obese but I was caught up in the weight loss obsession and the self hate the media and so many people perpetuate. I was hinging my happiness on a number on the scale and even when I hit an itty bitty 119 pounds with zero muscle tone, was my whole world happier for it? The goal I reached would just be replaced by a new one and I was never satisfied. I was unhealthy both physically and mentally.

After going through digestive problems for many years, IBS is the best diagnosis anyone could give me, I took charge of my eating habits. I became empowered in my food choices little by little. It was a long process that went along with learning how to control my stress and get away from an unhealthy environment but today I am in such a better place. I love my body, and realize its power and strength, I don’t feel pressured to make food choices based on my appearance or what anyone else is doing but instead on how each food makes me feel when I eat it. I am so much more aware and in tune with my body. And the best thing to come from this journey with food? I’m happier!

Now I went through my journey while getting my A.S. In Nutrition and that helped me really understand my relationship with food down to the nitty gritty, but there’s no reason why anyone needs to get a degree in nutrition to gain a healthy relationship with food. It all starts with listening to your body and realizing that your relationship with food is all your own. Dr. Oz or the author of the newest paleo cookbook can’t tell you how to eat, you need to decide for yourself what fuels you best and makes you feel happy and healthy!

I could write forever about this topic but to summarize, what I want everyone to know is that you too can be free from the pressure, learn to love your body and enjoy a healthy balanced relationship with food! Yes all food!

To drive home my feelings about balance, here are some scrumptious Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Icing from Inspired by Charm, I made to celebrate fall for Patrick and I. Because indulging once in a while is PART of a healthy lifestyle and we should not feel guilt for it.

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