This Saturday we enjoyed a lazy rainy day and Sunday was slightly more productive and sunny.
Teri at A Foodie Stays Fit posted this fun blurb about what she was up to lately and I’m continuing the chain. It’s fun to sit down at the end of the weekend and look at what you’ve done and are about to do. Here it goes!

Making : a crocheted afghan, embroidered flour sack towels and curtains
Cooking : How Sweet Eats beer can chicken, Parmesan scalloped potatoes and bacon braised green beans, I got a little overzealous this Sunday.
Drinking : water! Always water!
Reading: just finished Gone Girl, reading Wild now.
Wanting: to finalize our floor plans, we’ve been making a lot of changes to them lately and I’m ready to get it all set
Looking: at house stuff for said floor plans and curtain fabric
Playing: goat simulator! And with Barry and Autumn
Wasting: time on Twitter, Facebook and pinterest, time to clean up some people I follow
Sewing: oops I already kind of answered this
Wishing: the cooler weather will stick around, I’m ready for soup and a bonfire!
Enjoying: relaxing this weekend, got to see family and take it pretty easy
Waiting: to hear back about a change with work
Liking: all the new music Patrick downloaded for me today, some great running songs!
Wondering: what the next year will bring. I know, I know, I’m impatient.
Loving:the pumpkin spice cookies I baked last night
Hoping: this work week goes well
Marvelling: at what a great cuddle buddy Autumn is now that the nights are cool
Needing: to improve my time management and going to bed earlier
Smelling: a pumpkin buttercream candle and dinner in the oven
Wearing: jeans and flannels when I’m not at work and my old navy compression capris!
Following: all the food and nutrition bloggers on Twitter
Noticing: how nice it is to sit down and be a little lazy this weekend
Knowing: sometimes I need to be better about making what I want to happen happen
Thinking: that I should have done some meal prepping this weekend, fridge is pretty bare in the ready to eat category
Feeling: oddly excited for Monday, I like Mondays, it’s the middle of the week that’s tough
Bookmarking: all posts on blog things. I’m ready to get my own domain and grow!
Opening: new magazines!
Giggling: at Autumn who plays with her treats before she eats them
Feeling: thankful for so much!
What are you guys wasting, wanting and doing lately?

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