Adventures in Crafting and a Weekly Update


Another weekend is about over with. I spent this weekend crafting. We’ve had sliding closet doors on our master closet since we’ve moved in and we’ve always hated how inaccessible they made the closet. We always had the doors pushed to the other’s side or in the way while picking out clothes to get ready. So my solution was curtains.
This is what I was going for.

So Patrick and I found some fabric we liked and knew could be repurposed once we were in the new house as curtains in a number of potential rooms. I got to work and my mother in law who is a master seamstress helped me finish them up. The last thing to do was the grommets. We wanted grommets so the curtains could be easily slid with daily use. Well here’s where I made one of my mistakes, I spaced the grommets evenly across and not starting at each edge first. This left my limp woven fabric to flop at the end of each curtain. The other big blunder was our measurements. We forgot to factor in the bunching that the grommets caused so the curtains are also not wide enough to cover the closet. I must say I was really upset. What should have been a simple project was now anything but. We got to work figuring out what to do. The decision was to leave the curtains as is for now but to take two inches off of either side to rid the floppy fabric and put them on one of our living room windows. I’ll then look for more of the same fabric to make another set for the other window in the living room. As for the master closet, I need to find new fabric with a new set of measurements at the ready. Here’s a poorly lit picture at a bad angle but you get the idea.

Then I spent some time wrestling with my yarn.

I’ve learned the hard way not to crochet straight from the skein.
You could say it’s been a learning weekend all around.
We had homemade hamburger helper tonight for dinner with made the day better.
And today we picked up our annual Christmas ornament. This year we picked a copper tea kettle form Sur la Table.

I’ve also been challenging myself with the Fitnessista’s Give Planks workout. I’m still doing my bodypump once a week along with it so I’ve modified some of the schedule to suit but I’ve really loved the feeling of upping my fitness game. And right before the holidays, what could be better! I highly recommend trying any one of her workouts to your routine this week, you won’t be sorry!

I hope you all have a great week.

I’m turning 24 on Wednesday so next time you hear from me I’ll be a year older!

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