Tips To Improve Body Confidence

Hi all!

This week we celebrated my birthday on Wednesday with sushi out and a cookie ice cream sandwich to share for dessert. We also went out to my favorite breakfast place, Sweetie Pie’s, in Placerville this weekend. I had my usual: veggie quiche with breakfast potatoes and whole wheat cinnamon walnut toast with olallieberry jam. It was delicious! We took it easy the rest of the weekend. I’ve been continuing my workouts with the give planks plan from the Fitnessista, still modifying to fit my schedule and loving it.

On my birthday, I got to thinking about what I’ve improved in myself for the better in my 23rd year. I thought immediately of my improvement in my body image and self confidence. I grew up insecure and always wishing to be a little slimmer, a little prettier, more toned, etc. and it took me a long time to get to where I’m at today. I slowly learned about nutrition and fitness and began my change and journey to self love. But I’m happy to say today that I’m happy with how I feel and look. I wanted to share my favorite ways to accomplish a positive feeling about your body too.
So here they are:

We all spend too much time hunched in front of computers and at desks. We have to make a conscious effort to practice good posture by pinching those shoulder blades together and engaging our core. Not only will you look better but you’ll feel better! There’s an absolute connection between your posture and health. Stand tall and proud!

Wear what flatters your figure! This means dressing for your body type but also altering as needed. Identify your shape and find what to wear to show it off! I learned that it’s not you looking bad in the clothes, it’s the clothes not flattering your figure. How can a mass produced pair of pants look good on everyone? It just takes some effort and potentially a trip to the alterations to find what works for you. I used to dread being a pear shape but in the past few years I have embraced my bigger bottom and petite upper body. It also is why I love squats and lunges so much, I’m built to excel at them! Look at the positive in your shape too.

Lose the diet mentality-
This is what contributed to much of my insecurity growing up. The diet mentality is what constantly tells you that you have something to fix. you could lose five more more pounds or you need to look great for bikini season. It also breeds the feeling of negativity when you fall off of the wagon and eat something “bad”. I’ll have to write another post on that for another day but the point is you don’t need a diet to be a healthy and beautiful person. Don’t focus on the negative that being on a diet points out.

Lift weights-
Starting bodypump was one of the best decisions I made for my self confidence. Lifting weights will make you stronger both physically and mentally. Lifting those heavier weights proves to yourself that you can do it. It’s an outlet from the stress of life that empowers you. You’ll find yourself lighter on your feet, doing everyday activities with greater ease and feeling smaller and firmer in those already flattering clothes!

Eat what makes you feel good-
Intuitive eating is something we today as Americans struggle with. We too often overeat, eat things that don’t make us feel good and don’t listen to our bodies. The problem starts with the fact that most of us don’t understand what our bodies tell us. But the first step of learning how to eat intuitively is by not eating the foods that make you feel bad either physically or about yourself. That double stuffed Oreo or energy drink for breakfast, do you feel good afterwards? My guess is no. So find your alternative that makes you feel good! My biggest breakthrough was with breakfast. I traded carb laden cereals and grains for a balanced breakfast. Eating something like eggs on toast with cheese makes me feel so much better than a bowl of oatmeal!

Remember how much your body does and treat it with respect-
Sleep! Eat well! Keep your stress down! Drink water! Our bodies put up with a lot throughout our lifetime. Starving it to get “skinny” or even overtraining it to the point of injury will not help your body do its job or you have a healthy relationship with it. The saying, “your body is a temple,” rings true.

Treat yourself-
But learn to enjoy it more when you do. No need to have a glass of wine every night but the one on Friday night will taste that much better! Deprivation never helped anyone achieve happiness. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how to enjoy a treat. Don’t rush to dessert. Have a glass of water and then sit down and savor it!

I know this was a wordy post without pictures or super fun stuff but I hope to help someone out there find peace with who they are and how they see themselves.

What are your tips for keeping a positive self image? Have you come from overly critical on your self to loving yourself? How’d you do it?

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