Christmas Tree Hunting

Hi everyone!

This weekend we went hunting. For Christmas trees that is! We went to our usual cut-your-own farm but too many people caught wind of it so the pickings were slim. We moved on to another farm that was over 50 acres and got looking, saw in hand. It took as a while but we finally found our tree!
I even sawed it down myself!
Then we carried it back up the big hill we hiked down. We sure worked for this tree! And funny enough, on our way back, we found a patch of the type of tree we had such a hard time finding. At least next year we’ll know better, it was our first time at this farm after all.
We also got our lights up this weekend! Or I should say Patrick did. I helped a little while doing other chores outside. Its a terrible picture I know, but you get the idea.
Even Barry gets some lights on his pasture fence!

We enjoyed a great weekend all around getting ready for Christmas. I hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit too!

Do you all like to cut your own tree? Buy pre-cut? Or maybe artificial?

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2 Responses to Christmas Tree Hunting

  1. Starla Link says:

    First and last time I decorate an artificial tree. I miss the mess and the wonderful smell of a live or freshly cut tree.

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