A Christmas Filled Weekend

Hi everyone!

This last week was like Christmas for us because we got a shiny new refrigerator and got our gifts done! Our old refrigerator was a hand me down that was still going pretty strong but it was getting pretty old so we beat it to the punch and replaced it during the Black Friday sales. We are so excited to have so much more room but we do still feel like we need a stand alone freezer one day. I’m sure any of you who like to cook a lot or bulk shop can relate.

Then I finally finished my very first blanket and crochet project. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m already itching to start something new but I think I’ll do some more embroidery next.

Here are some more snapshots from our weekend.

Ingredients to Patrick’s favorite, enchiladas!


Christmas Elf Central!

And we still haven’t finished decorating the tree if you can believe it. At least gifts are all done though. We got our tree lit this weekend and hopefully will get the ornaments on this week. How are ya’ll doing with Christmas preparations? Last day to mail your packages to get them there by Christmas is December 20th!

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2 Responses to A Christmas Filled Weekend

  1. Starla Link says:

    I have finished shopping and decorating. Everything is wrapped that is here.. Your blanket looks amazing. Can not believe that is your first one. I cannot crochet to save my life. Great job. Mom has a ton of patterns if you want to look through them. She can’t crochet anymore due to her arthritis.

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