The Nutcraker and an Emergency Vet Visit

Hi everyone!

This Friday we went to the Nutcracker in town. I got tickets from Patrick for my birthday. I even did my hair for the occasion. I was pretty proud of it.
We went out to a local steakhouse beforehand, I forgot to take pictures of the food but it was really good!
The ballet was so much fun. It definitely had a fun spin on the classic for the kiddos to enjoy but the dancing was still fantastic! It’s fun to see the little ones on stage in their outfits dancing alongside the ballerinas.
The Nutcracker is definitely more my thing than Patrick’s but he enjoyed the show too. Oh and we got peppermint milkshakes afterwards, great way to end the night!
Now for this little lady. As you know, we live on property that can be pretty rocky and filled with sharp things in the mud this time of year. Autumn and Patrick will play fetch and she won’t even notice she’s cut herself until Patrick’s washing off her muddy paws in the bathtub. Autumn has cut herself a handful of times but only ever needing a trip to the emergency vet once before. This time she got herself good. We took her down on Saturday night to the closest VCA and they cleaned her up and gave her two stitches.
Lucky for her she doesn’t have to wear her cone of shame when we’re home with her. She leaves it alone for the most part. But in the next two weeks she’ll be pouting because she can’t go out and play in the mud. Even Santa Paws is bringing her some toys she’ll have to stay inside with until those stitches come out.
Here she is hoping her being a little holiday gimp will get her waffles.

Otherwise this weekend was pretty low key. Laundry is done, house is clean, presents wrapped, cookies are baked, we’re all ready for Santa to get here!

Here’s the copper tea kettle ornament we added to our collection this year.
/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a86/19259885/files/2014/12/img_0332.jpgand one of my favorite decorations, my nutcracker!

What are you guys having for Christmas dinner? We’ll have ham and beef this year. Do you guys have any traditions or nods to your heritage at Christmas? I’ll be making sticky toffee pudding as a nod to my Aussie family. It’s so delicious!

Also, I try to make this blog about health AND life in the country. I really feel that it’s healthy to enjoy the holidays so that’s what we’ve been doing. But I’m excited to write some posts about health, fitness and nutrition in the new year so don’t worry, we’ll get back to it!

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One Response to The Nutcraker and an Emergency Vet Visit

  1. jewrl j says:

    Poor pup. They sell boot for dogs. Had to get email for my pup when I was living in the mountains

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