Introducing Craft Corner!

Happy New Year! I hope you all are off to an upward start so far. It’s tough saying good bye to the holidays but once you get rolling, it does get easier! I’ve been back on the fitness and productivity bandwagon and feeling great about it!

I’m excited to get some healthy living content up here soon but today I’m introducing a new category on the blog. Craft Corner is where I’ll share my many crafting projects. I really enjoy creating things and after learning to crochet and embroider, I’ve found my urge to make things has grown even more.

I had seen a lot of holiday crochet projects that piqued my interest but hadn’t had the time to put into anything specific during the busiest time of the year. I liked the idea of crocheting Autumn a stocking though and a friend offered me some of her old crochet patterns. A Christmas stocking was one of them and it seemed simple enough. With my Joann gift card I hit up the after-Christmas yarn sale Joann was having and got to work. I definitely learned some new stitches along the way and had to adjust a couple of things as I went. But I finished it today.

Here it is!

It’s got some quirks to it that I’m sure only I can see but overall, I really love it! Autumn does too!
The pattern is free here.

So Autumn’s ready for Santa to fill her stocking next Christmas.
Do your pets have stockings? Any Christmas crafts you’re proud of?

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One Response to Introducing Craft Corner!

  1. Starla Link says:

    Wow that looks awesome. I wish I could crochet. Great job.

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