Long Weekend Projects

Happy Monday!

Hubby and I had a three day weekend together thanks to the holiday. We spent it working on projects around the house. Spring is almost here and it’s home improvement time!

Saturday, Patrick and I built these shelves.
This alcove was originally the water heater for our little manufactured home but the previous owners put in a larger water heater outside. While that was a stupendous idea, they left the alcove almost completely unfinished and messy. It was time to turn it into something useful!

We worked on some other things outside on Sunday. The fog we’ve been having burned off enough to allow us to paint outside and touch up some other things. But today it was just to foggy and wet outside so I finished up the shelving with primer and paint.
Not too shabby!

Sunday I also woke up and went for a run with the pup. Afterwards I cooked up an at home version of the Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap. It was delicious! The recipe is super easy and can be found at PBfingers. I bought enough ingredients to make them through the week. I highly recommend it! But I will say I subbed 2 whole eggs for the egg whites. I’m all about the whole egg!
My other project I’ve been working is this scarf. It’s a simple pattern I found in a pattern book I got from Patrick for Christmas. It’s my first time knitting so I figured I’d take it easy with this scarf. It’s also this beautiful color that will go with almost everything I own. I just hope I finish it while it’s still winter! Haha
So it’s that time of year for projects. I know we’re a little ahead of the game as it’s not exactly spring yet but are you guys gearing up to do any spring/end of winter projects? Maybe planting a garden? I don’t have a full on garden but I’m looking forward to starting some seeds inside for kitchen herbs! Among all of these other projects of course 🙂

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