A Long Overdue Update

Hello everyone!
This post has been a long time coming. We’ve been hard at work on the home improvement projects we set in on this spring. I honestly was so busy and exhausted most days from all of the work we were doing on top of our normal work weeks that I had to just step away from blogging for a bit. But I’m back now! We finished 99% of everything we wanted to do. We will tie up the loose odds and ends over the next few weeks. You might be wondering why the sudden push to do all of these improvements. Our area’s real estate market is improving quite a bit and we’ve been tossing the idea around to sell our place. Nothing has happened yet, but we wanted to be prepared should we decide to put it up for sale. With things going as well as they are, it could be better for us financially to sell and buy another existing home on some land instead of tearing our place down and rebuilding it to suit us. There’s a lot to it but that’s the jist of it. So we had a little home inspection done to check for things like dry rot and termites so we knew what areas we needed to repair and we got to work! We replaced all of the siding and trim that had dry rot, using the proper flashing and everything to prevent further damage. We also resealed the front and back decks. Then we repainted just about everything on the inside and outside of the house. Baseboards all the way through the ceilings. There were a lot more little things involved in all of that but that’s the summary. Here are some pictures with finished areas and the paint colors we ended up choosing.

The kitchen color is Behr’s Gold Buttercup.

The living room, hallway and laundry room are Behr’s Gobi Desert.

The bathroom is Behr’s Spa Retreat.

Here are some other snapshots from the last few weeks.

This last weekend Patrick and his dad cut up a down tree we had in the last storm and burned it while I painted kitchen cabinets. Afterwards we broke for lunch and a beer. Then we took a hike out to the dozer that’s stuck on the back part of our property. This was a surprise when we moved onto our property, it’s kind of a run on joke.

That day I also made Damn Delicious’s carnitas after an awesome sale on pork shoulder at the store. We now have lots of carnitas in the freezer since the smallest pork shoulder on sale was 6 pounds! The recipe is really easy and sure to be a crowd pleaser!

This is how Autumn felt after one of our many long days working on the house projects, pooped puppy dog! Not long after this picture, I joined her.

At one of our many Home Depot trips, I spotted the ranunculuses. They’re my favorite spring time flower and I had to buy one! I bought an apricot colored one last year and I’m hoping it comes back this year!

This was the view at the end of the day Sunday. It was beautiful out!

Well that about updates ya’ll on our progress. I’m looking forward to some more leisurely nights and weekends. We’re really enjoying the improvements we made too. A coat of paint can do wonders for a room or whole house! It’s relatively affordable and the appeal added to from the little bit of labor really makes a big difference. Have any of you done painting that really changed a room or home?

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