Weekly Update

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. We ran some errands Saturday before going to a much anticipated concert, Garth Brooks with Trisha Yearwood! We had a ton of fun, Garth put on a great show.

Sunday we slept in after being up late the night before. We did our grocery shopping for the week after meal planning. I thought about how some of you suggested I share our weekly menu, so here it is.  


Tuesday-Flautas (made with carnitas from a couple weekends ago, thanks to the freezer!)

Wednesday-Healthy hamburger helper

Thursday-Breaded Chicken Alfredo over Fettuccine

Friday-Date night at a Kings game, dinner TBD

Saturday-Honey mustard baked chicken with scalloped potatoes and asparagus

Easter Sunday-Ham, leftover scalloped potatoes, bacon braised green beans. Also will be making cinnamon sugar pull apart bread and a hashbrown quiche

Something I didn’t do ANY of this weekend was exercise. With all our running around, my plans to workout went by the wayside. So just like planning our meals for the week, I’ve planned my weekly workouts for this week. Hopefully nothing comes up to thwart my plans but here’s what I’ve got.

Monday-Bodypump at the gym

Tuesday-Off/exercise Barry

Wednesday-Bodypump at home

Thursday-Off/exercise Barry


Saturday-Fitnessista arm workout

Sunday-Run with Autumn

I try to keep my fitness plans from being too outrageous, that way I can really complete what I set out to do. That means realizing “off” days will happen and that sometimes all I can squeeze in is a quick little workout (arm workout). The good news is, Monday’s Bodypump is a scheduled thing. Patrick and I go to the gym with friends at the same time every Monday so I almost never miss Monday’s workout. As for the rest, I try to get straight to my weekday workouts when I get home from work. If I put them off, I’ll make an excuse not to do them. And same with the weekends, I try to do those right when I get up. Especially as summer gets here, running in the morning is much more tolerable than the afternoon!

How do you set yourself up for success for the week? Do you plan meals or grocery shop on a certain day? How about exercise?

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