Day Trip to Point Reyes


It’s Brittany checking in to tell you about our little day trip we took on Friday. Patrick has spent a lot of time in Point Reyes hiking and camping, but I never had. And after reading about what a foodie and agricultural destination it is on top of a beautiful hiking area, I wanted to visit too. Cowgirl Creamery was on the top of my list of places to visit in Point Reyes. For $5, you can get a little tour/history of the company along with a tasting of many of their famous cheeses. They have a few different locations but the one in Point Reyes is the one and only place they make the famous Red Hawk cheese. This is because of the naturally occurring bacteria in the ambient air that make Red Hawk taste so good. We really had fun learning about the cheese making process, the area of Point Reyes and the origins of Cowgirl Creamery. Of course the cheese tasting was the best part! It was fun to start with fresh cheeses (creme fraiche and fromage blanc) and work our way through to the more aged and harder cheeses (Red Hawk and Wagon Wheel) They also had jam pairings with some cheeses that were wonderful! If you’re in the area and looking for some fun things to do, I highly recommend booking a spot in the tour/tasting online before you go. There’s also a cantina in the creamery where you can get gourmet foods using their cheeses as well as other local foods.   

Here you can see Red Hawk being washed as part of the cheese making process. 

After Cowgirl Creamery, we got lunch across the way before heading to our other appointment of our trip, a tour and tasting at Heidrun Meadery. We learned a ton about mead and how the company came about. Mead traditionally is honey wine made from fermenting honey, water and yeast. Heidrun is different in that it is made in the style of champagne. It is sparkling and dry, not overly sweet like traditional mead. The location of the Meadery used to be a dairy, true to the Point Reyes heritage. The tasting room is in a large loafing barn turned  green house, see below.   

The mead is made in the big barn on the left in the picture below. The owner, Gordon, showed us around and answered all of our questions about the process. They company started out using honey from various bee keepers but recently has grown its own beekeeping to harvest enough honey to make a mead with honey from Point Reyes and the surrounding areas. We tasted a Hawaiian Lehua Flower mead, Oregan Radish Blossom, Carrot Blossom, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut, Orange Blossom, Point Reyes Wildflower and Alfalfa and Clover. If any of you have ever tasted different varietals of honey, you know they can taste very different, taking on the flavors of the flower they are from. That made tasting the different meads very fun. We went home with a couple of different bottles for ourselves and one for a friend. Heidrun is the only Meadery to be making mead in a champagne style, that makes them really special. You can find some of their bottles in grocery stores but I highly recommend visiting them for a tasting if you’re in the area too. The specialty ones don’t make it to stores but can be tasted and purchased at the Meadery. I saw they sometimes have avocado blossom, buckwheat and sage meads, I’m very interested in trying those one day!       

I really like the saying on the wine bag! 

We’ve spent the rest of our weekend kicking back and relaxing and doing all of those weekend errands and chores. Autumn’s been particularly enjoying playing with her new “horse” Patrick’s parents brought back for her from Kentucky. I hope you all had a great weekend! Here’s to starting another week!


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