Happy Sunday ya’ll! I know I’ve been MIA for a little while now, I apologize. We’ve been off and on busy and while I had been writing notes to myself about things I wanted to write about, I hadn’t yet sat down and cranked out any full fledged blog posts. I had been wanting to discuss the word skinny and things that bother me about our everyday usage of it for a while. I wrote snippets here or there but with Lauren Conrad recently posting on her website that she has banned the use of “skinny”, “slim” and “thin,” I got the motivation to say what I had been feeling about the word skinny too.

Skinny is defined as, very thin, especially in an unappealing or unhealthy way. So why has the word “skinny” become something positive to aspire to be? Skinny lattes, skinny jeans, getting skinny for my wedding day. If someone had not lived in our society to learn what the evolved meaning of what skinny is to Americans today, they might go by what is written in the dictionary. The definition of skinny is very clear about being unappealing and/or unhealthy. 

We also know that striving to be skinny has helped create a culture so stuck on getting our number on the scale down that we have had to deal with consequences like anorexia, bulimia, dismorphyia, etc., so why is it still so prevalent? Why aren’t we striving for health, both mental and physical? More energy? Muscle tone? Running more? Lifting more? Nourishing our bodies with real food? Happiness?

I cringe whenever I’m in line for coffee at Starbucks and I see someone order a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Not only is the vicious cycle of body shaming being continued by choosing something that is marketed to help you get to your goal of being skinnier. But that Latte is full of artificial sweeteners that will only trick the metabolism into thinking it’s been given the sugar it craves, confusing the metabolism. It also lacks any fat, meaning that the sugar left in the milk will be burned off very quickly as fuel, spiking the blood sugar only to drop suddenly again, causing another sugar craving. The irony of it is, one is likely to gain weight consuming these on the regular. The drink has a lot in common with skinny as it is not healthy or nourishing. 

I think our use of the word “skinny” should go back to its original usage. A malnourished and abused dog is skinny. An actor starving himself for a role is skinny. All of these things that ar truly skinny, are not things we should be striving to be. 

Let’s nourish our bodies with real food and condition them with regular exercise. Let’s be proud of the feats our bodies can accomplish and support them in doing all that we ask of them. Let’s be fitter, stronger, happier, and healthier!

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