We Survived Escrow(s)!

Well I finally get to write the big whopper of a post about our move. The hubby and I had planned for a long time to build at our old property. We went over changing ideas and plans throughout the 5 years we lived there. From floor plans and pricing out permit costs, the location of the septic system and what trees we would have to remove once we built, we went over everything. And at the end of it we realized a couple of things: 1. property values were climbing, our place was worth quite a bit more than we bought it for, 2. We really wanted more usable land, and 3. We really liked the idea of moving into something ready to live in for our family plans.

At this point, we started talking about what we could sell for and be approved to buy for, and started meeting with realtors. We were seriously considering selling. 

Once we decided to list the house, we gave ourselves 1 month to get the place up to snuff. That’s what all the projects were for from February to March. We fixed every major issue with our house and painted it top to bottom. It was exhausting! But we were moving forward to accomplish our next step, selling!

Once we listed, we really were lucky in that the market had very low inventory and thus had lots of interest immediately in our place. We had a couple of offers in very quickly and came to an agreement with a buyer not even two weeks after listing.

So now we were on the search for a place to buy. We figured we wouldn’t rush it, if we ended up having to rent back or move to an apartment to wait for the perfect house to go on the market, that was ok. But we still scoured the market to make sure what we wanted wasn’t already out there. We did lots of driving to surrounding areas to narrow our search. We looked at two houses one weekend early on and really liked one of them, after looking at some others, we realized that one house was for us. When we went to place our offer, we found out we were the backup offer, someone moved faster than us. Mind you during this time, sellers were accepting cash offers before we could even schedule a showing, it was a mad house! But we figured if it was meant to be, the first buyer would fall through. Low and behold, they backed out! So now we were trying to close both houses within a day of each other. 

For perspective, we accepted the offer on our place on March 31st. Our first close date came and we found out our buyers needed to extend, their lender backed out. Long story short, this happened 3 times. We were holding our breath for a total of 4 months! Every time we’d get close to closing, our buyers would tell us their bank bailed. It was the most stressful time of our lives. But finally on July 21, we closed on selling our old place. On the next day, we closed on our dream home. That weekend we rented a u-haul and moved our things and Barry too. The end of each day that weekend called for one of these:

We did it! We moved into our dream home!

I’m planning on using a new blog domain as soon as the dust settles and the boxes are unpacked. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Have any of you had a real estate nightmare like ours? Did it end well? 

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