Life Lately (8.22.15)


I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. We’ve been settling into our new home. Pictures are even on the walls! But I wanted to stop in and say hello.

We’ve really just been working and living life as normal the last couple weeks and it’s been so nice. We bought an island for our kitchen last weekend. I’m obsessed. It’s an antique that was repurposed with a zinc top which happens to be a reactive metal so the counter will change with use, very cool! 

The weekend before that, I went to a Paint Nite with some friends. We had so much fun! Wine and painting, how could that not be fun!?

I’ve also started doing crossfit at a local gym. I’ve only been three times so far but I’m loving it already. With that and bodypump once a week, I’m feeling great fitness wise.

Today we spent the first half of the day patching our neighborhood road with our neighbors. We started nice and early before it was hot and finished by lunch. Then we ran errands including picking up a brisket for dinner tomorrow from our local butcher. I’m so excited for brisket sandwiches!

Something I’m struggling to get a handle on with the new place is cleaning so much more square footage than we used to have. We went from 800 square feet to 2800. I’m liking the idea of each day of the week being designated for one small chore so I’m not cleaning for most of the day every Sunday. Do you guys have a plan that works for you? I’m all ears for how to keep on top of it. I’ve gotta implement a plan soon! 

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